Thursday, 28 February 2013

Fully Reserved!


Apa khabar kalian??
Apa khabar iman??
Harapnya semua sentiasa mendapat yang terbaik..
Okay, okay..
Let's proceed regarding the title above..
What is the topic about??
Seriously, I'm really don't believe that this semester is really full..Usually, the climax will come 2 or 3 weeks before final exam but now, in semester 2, for 1st year..
Really different with previous sem..
First 3 weeks is the time that full with programs..
Which want to catch up study, assignments, presentations, slaugtering..
Buy things..
But, I always use this :

Ayat 5 : "Sesungguhnya di dalam setiap kesusahan pasti adanya kesenangan".

Especially, I as a Muslim student and in syaa Allah will be Doctor one day..
I must be strong, tough, potent and what so ever related..
DOCTOR cannot be like this..
Just complain, complain, and complain..
Allah don't like His servant do not be grateful for what He gives..
Ya Allah, You give everything to me but I don't thankful to You..
Sesungguhnya, aku adalah hamba-Mu yang hina..:''(

"Allah tidak akan menguji hambanya dengan sesuatu yang tidak tertanggung olehnya"

I know, He put me here with a reason..

Just take from my twitter ; "If I'm not good, I'm not here in this Medical School"

He wants me learn many things before I face people there..
Control my emotion, spiritual, manner, behavior..

I hope that I can learn something from this..
I can manage time properly..
Arrange my schedule mannerly..
Always remember Him in every time..
Because of Him, I'm here..


Monday, 25 February 2013


Assalamualaikum w.b.t..

Regarding to the topic above, I just want to share about it..
You know what is the meaning of D.U.I.T?

In Malay's word translated as :
D = Doa
U = Usaha
I = Ikthiar
T = Tawakal

I've been discussing these topic with my 'SC' group members..

And asked a question to my naqibah sis..

My question was "The difference between Muslim and Non-Muslim was they don't have D, I and T part but why Allah give them more successful than us as Muslim that have the all part of D, U, I, and T?"

I was interesting in these discussion as we had received our semester 1 result.

So, what you think about the answer that were given by them?
I'll explain in Malay sentences.

"Istidraj. Kelebihan yang dikurnikan oleh Allah kepada hambanya yang bukan golongan bertaqwa dengan tujuan untuk menyesatkan lagi mereka. Walaupun mereka diberikan kekayaan, kejayaan dan kemenangan melebihi Muslim, tapi itu hanya akan dirasai di dunia sahaja walhal di akhirat nanti mereka akan diazab. Tujuan kita menuntut ilmu adalah untuk mendapatkan ilmu Allah yang Maha Luas dan mengakui bahawa Dialah tuhan yang menciptakan alam ini dengan begitu sempurna.

Kejayaan sebenar umat Islam adalah di akhirat nanti ketika berjaya mendapat syurga-Nya. Itulah kejayaan yang hakiki setimpal dengan D.U.I.T yang kita lakukan di dunia ini. Jangan kita mengharapkan balasan duniawi semata-mata atas usaha kita menuntut ilmu melainkan keredhaan Allah. Kata-kata Ustaz Don : 'Jikalau dunia ini bernilai di sisi Allah walaupun sebesar sayap nyamuk, orang-orang kafir pasti tidak akan mendapat nikmat Allah walau sedikitpun'. Subhanallah. Sungguh dunia ini tidak bernilai langsung di sisi Allah.

Letakkan dunia dalam tangan, letakkan akhirat dalam hati. In syaa Allah pasti kita memperoleh kebahagiaan di dunia mahupun di akhirat. Wallahualam."

After that, I realized that Allah gives us much more pleasure hereafter because of D.U.I.T that we DO IT in His dunia.

Subhanallah, Alhamdulillah, Allahu Akhbar.

Don't be sad because of your bad result.
There will be hikmah for everything happen.
Don't give up. Don't be sad, Allah is with us. :')

Monday, 18 February 2013

Am I Ready?

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

May Allah always bless you all..

Now, I'm trying to share about the new semester that was started today, 18 February 2013..
First of all, I'm still in holiday mood..
Not 100% ready to continue my student's life as a medical student.
But, what can I do..
Life must go on..

Let's move on..

Today, first session in the morning with PM Dr. Jamilah that was explained about feedback on physiology for final exam semester 1. 8 students failed that I was included. Tabahkan hatiku Allah.

Alhamdulillah, I was suffering from emotional disorder or down for a while because of my result.

I told that feeling to my Allah and ask Him to make me 'redha' for what I got.

Past is past. We can't change the past but we can take it as inspiration to change in this new semester.

drnursyahirah..YOU CAN!!
My mom says : 'If people can, why I can't'
Thanks really understand me.:')

Never mind..

Proceed to another story..

Yeah, 'more difficulties, more challenges that makes me more matured'

For feedback session on anatomy and biochemistry, I just can say 'It's okay. Need more study and have strong ability to explain very well. For physiology too.'

Now, I still learning how to study hard in smart way based on the experiences during semester 1.
I hope that I can perform well after this.
You guys pray for me too.
Thank you so much.


Saturday, 16 February 2013

Holiday Confectionery

Salam, we meet again..
Now, I want to share what types of desserts that i made during semester break..

Actually, at home i was very bored..
Novel cerpen novel cerpen novel cerpen..

'OMA!! What should i do to make my holiday special??'

Then, I got the idea..yess..

After 2 weeks at home, then i persuade or suggest or whateverlah my 2nd sis to go to the supermarket to buy materials for baking..
'kong kang kong kang' 'kelentung kelentang' in the kitchen, lastly i got 4 new recipes :

1. Pavlova Cake


Blueberry, strawberry and kiwi..
It's look delicious, right?
Yeah, very SUPERB!!

2. Ice-cream Fruit


Memang first class.. 

Another one 

3. McFlurry Oreo

This one was suggested by my friend..
He want to boycott McD so that he ask me how to make McFlurry by his own..
I tried because i have all ingredient at that time..
Seriously, umphhh!!

After this, when i have any break, i will try to make another dishes..
Just to improve my cooking skills..
Oh yeah, maybe preparation before 'aku terima nikahnya'..hehe

See you!!

Introducing USIM

Hai hai hai!!
I'm newly here..Oppss!!

Let's me introduce myself..
Regarding to the name for this blog, in syaa Allah i'll become a doctor one day..
Calculate, minus plus minus in year 2018, Dr. Shira is in the house..haha
Never mind..
Graduated from USIM..talking about USIM, it's full name is University Sains Islam Malaysia..
Maybe many people don't really know where USIM located in this country..'s okay..the main campus at Nilai, Negeri Sembilan..

But, my campus or FPSK was at Pandan Indah, Ampang..

I hope that everyone know where it's locate in Malaysia..haha
Okay, just enough..

I will continue with another post..