Saturday, 16 February 2013

Holiday Confectionery

Salam, we meet again..
Now, I want to share what types of desserts that i made during semester break..

Actually, at home i was very bored..
Novel cerpen novel cerpen novel cerpen..

'OMA!! What should i do to make my holiday special??'

Then, I got the idea..yess..

After 2 weeks at home, then i persuade or suggest or whateverlah my 2nd sis to go to the supermarket to buy materials for baking..
'kong kang kong kang' 'kelentung kelentang' in the kitchen, lastly i got 4 new recipes :

1. Pavlova Cake


Blueberry, strawberry and kiwi..
It's look delicious, right?
Yeah, very SUPERB!!

2. Ice-cream Fruit


Memang first class.. 

Another one 

3. McFlurry Oreo

This one was suggested by my friend..
He want to boycott McD so that he ask me how to make McFlurry by his own..
I tried because i have all ingredient at that time..
Seriously, umphhh!!

After this, when i have any break, i will try to make another dishes..
Just to improve my cooking skills..
Oh yeah, maybe preparation before 'aku terima nikahnya'..hehe

See you!!

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