Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Kahwin awal?


Actually tak terfikir pun nak tulis tajuk ni..
Tapi memandangkan semakin ramai yang membicarakan tajuk ini..
Housemates, classmates, semua yang ada mates la..
I think that I want to give opinions from my heart..

Memang kenyataan, time umur kita dalam lingkungan 18 till 25, we always think and talk about this topic..
Especially among our friends..
I'm talking from my own experiences..
It's natural..
Lumrah alam..
Perasaan yang dikurniakan oleh Allah kepada setiap hambanya..

I want to say something..
Actually from the bottom of my heart, I have this feeling..
Kahwin awal..
Seriously 100%..
Siapa taknak kan..
Bohong la kalau someone says that dia taknak kahwin..
Sunnah Rasulullah..

But, positive thinking..
Maybe Allah knows that I'm not ready yet..
Mana nak study lagi, personal life lagi..

It's true..

I'm waiting for a good man as my husband..
But before that, I'll sentiasa memperbaiki diri sendiri juga..


Kahwin awal tu tak salah..
Tapi pandangan orang bahawa kahwin awal nie takde sumber pendapatan sendiri..
Macam mana nak tanggung family..
That's why I say, 'If someone have ready to face everything after nikah, then silakan'..
Orang yang pandai uruskan kewangan adalah orang yang pandai menyelesaikan masalah..
That's what I think..

Saya belum jumpa cermin saya..
I hope that one day I'll find him..
In syaa Allah..

Till Jannah :')

Sunday, 17 March 2013


Salam alaik..

Actually I don't have any idea about this topic..
Although it's selected by me..
I just want to say from where it came..

Nur Syahirah- Of course from my parents after I born. The full meaning is Cahaya Yang Masyhur, in syaa Allah.

Shira- This nick name I got after I further study in USIM. Before that, during secondary school, many my schoolmates was calling me 'Shera'. I don't know why I use Shira after going to university. Maybe from novels or sedap sikit bunyinya. Haha..

So, that's why Dr Shira..

Syemo- This name was given by my classmate during Tamhidi until now, Aimi Syairah Ismail. I'm little bit emotional when I talking but obviously during discussion. Firstly, she just called me but then accidentally she put in Facebook. After that, majority of my classmates (boys) calling me that name. Lekat sampai sekarang. Perhaps in certain lecture-mates they just calling me Syahirah. A word is a doa. That's why till now, tone of my speech is emotional. It's under my control TT.TT

Syem- Abbreviation from Syemo. Only one person called me using tha name. He is Luqman. He said that Syemo was to long. OMA!! Long??

So,to my future husband....
I hope that you will call me using different name from above..
I want special name from you..
Just a wish..


Saturday, 16 March 2013


"Are you ready star??!!"

"Ai ai Captain!!"

"Blink blink, blink blink, blink blink."

"Golden star."

"Golden star!!"

That was my group members..

Group 6

MSC Day Out!!

MSC Day Out was held at Pantai Bagan Lalang..
I don't know where it actually located..
But what I want mention here is all activities that they planned were very fun..


Sand Castle..

We were required to design our USIM hospital using the equipment provided..

We decided to take STAR as our shape of the hospital..


It's really different from others..

Our hospital with all doctors there..

In syaa Allah..



Guess, who is this??


Beach bowling..

Using sand and water in the bottles..
I don't know the actual marks that we collected..


Catch the crabs..

First time I catch the crabs..
Using my hand..
Nasib baik the small crabs..

And my group was the winner because we catch highest number..

About 500++

And then,

Guess the idioms..

Maybe idioms or phrases in Malay and English..

That games I really enjoy it..
Seriously fun..


Design the modern medical equipment..

That part really makes me brainstorm..
I design the tubes that used in haemodialysis machine..
Inspired by my father..

Thanks Abah :')

The best thing was...

Because we made it together..

And finally,
Our group got 3rd place..

I hope after this, they make it more excite and fun..

wafiy, aziz, hanisah, me, athirah, hidayah and aisyah


Semoga ikatan ukhuwah akan berkekalan ke syurga..