Sunday, 17 March 2013


Salam alaik..

Actually I don't have any idea about this topic..
Although it's selected by me..
I just want to say from where it came..

Nur Syahirah- Of course from my parents after I born. The full meaning is Cahaya Yang Masyhur, in syaa Allah.

Shira- This nick name I got after I further study in USIM. Before that, during secondary school, many my schoolmates was calling me 'Shera'. I don't know why I use Shira after going to university. Maybe from novels or sedap sikit bunyinya. Haha..

So, that's why Dr Shira..

Syemo- This name was given by my classmate during Tamhidi until now, Aimi Syairah Ismail. I'm little bit emotional when I talking but obviously during discussion. Firstly, she just called me but then accidentally she put in Facebook. After that, majority of my classmates (boys) calling me that name. Lekat sampai sekarang. Perhaps in certain lecture-mates they just calling me Syahirah. A word is a doa. That's why till now, tone of my speech is emotional. It's under my control TT.TT

Syem- Abbreviation from Syemo. Only one person called me using tha name. He is Luqman. He said that Syemo was to long. OMA!! Long??

So,to my future husband....
I hope that you will call me using different name from above..
I want special name from you..
Just a wish..



  1. nursyemo pon dah taken,, peninglaa 'bakal' awak nak cari nama len nanti..hehe

  2. haha. taknak. boleh je kalau nak guna nama lain.