Thursday, 28 February 2013

Fully Reserved!


Apa khabar kalian??
Apa khabar iman??
Harapnya semua sentiasa mendapat yang terbaik..
Okay, okay..
Let's proceed regarding the title above..
What is the topic about??
Seriously, I'm really don't believe that this semester is really full..Usually, the climax will come 2 or 3 weeks before final exam but now, in semester 2, for 1st year..
Really different with previous sem..
First 3 weeks is the time that full with programs..
Which want to catch up study, assignments, presentations, slaugtering..
Buy things..
But, I always use this :

Ayat 5 : "Sesungguhnya di dalam setiap kesusahan pasti adanya kesenangan".

Especially, I as a Muslim student and in syaa Allah will be Doctor one day..
I must be strong, tough, potent and what so ever related..
DOCTOR cannot be like this..
Just complain, complain, and complain..
Allah don't like His servant do not be grateful for what He gives..
Ya Allah, You give everything to me but I don't thankful to You..
Sesungguhnya, aku adalah hamba-Mu yang hina..:''(

"Allah tidak akan menguji hambanya dengan sesuatu yang tidak tertanggung olehnya"

I know, He put me here with a reason..

Just take from my twitter ; "If I'm not good, I'm not here in this Medical School"

He wants me learn many things before I face people there..
Control my emotion, spiritual, manner, behavior..

I hope that I can learn something from this..
I can manage time properly..
Arrange my schedule mannerly..
Always remember Him in every time..
Because of Him, I'm here..


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